New Moon Hoop

This is a leaderless group in that we all sit in a circle as one. Each woman adds her own energy, ideas, dreams, prayers and sacred thoughts to make the circle whole. Women are Sacred. During the New Moon, women rededicate themselves to resting and renewing our bodies and spirits beginning with honoring the sacred connection between ourselves and the cycle of Grandmother Moon. The circle is safe and nourishing to each sister in the circle. This is an ancient women's hoop of all nations/people. 

Come together with pure intent to supporting the healing Mother Earth and the restoring of balance of male and female energy within. We meet within 4 days of the New Moon - a birthing moon. Bring your drum and rattle and some simple food to share for the food round, or flowers for the circle, or candles/sages circle materials as you are guided to do so.

Whispering Hoop,  Rev. Xina Raley